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Cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling

Rezanje, brušenje, poliranje in vrtanje -

Glass cutting

Glass cutting is the first phase of glass processing. This is a method where, with the help of a machine or by hand, the glass is divided along the notch into two parts. Cuts in glass can be made in regular and irregular shapes, on different thicknesses and types of glass.

Sales programme:

  • Blades for glass
  • Glass cutters with rotating head
  • Spare blade heads
  • Spare wheels
  • Oval/circle glass cutter blade
  • Blade extensions
  • Circular-cut blades
  • Round-corners blades / with a ruler
  • Vacuum circular blade
  • Spare rubber for vacuum blades

Grinding and polishing

Grinding glass edges has its purpose primarily in glass safety, decoration, and prevention of glass breakage. Depending on the grinding technique, type of glass, and type of grinding tool, we can offer our customers a wide range of grinding materials for:

  • Diamond grinding
  • Belt sanding
  • Manual sanding


Sales programme:

  • Diamond tools for machine grinding and polishing
  • Abrasives for sanding and polishing edges
  • Grinding machines and polishers for faceting
  • Diamond grinding belts and polishing belts
  • Standard belts
  • Grinding stone
  • Polishing paste
  • Diamond sponges


The process of drilling into glass can be carried out in a classic way with drill bits or mechanically with the help of machines with CNC technology and machines with an abrasive water jet.

Sales programme:

  • Standard diamond drill bits
  • Diamond drill bits with reamers
  • Diamond drills with sector reamers
  • Diamond drill bits for glass, with adjustable head
  • Diamond cutters


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