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Glass has been used and developed for thousands of years. Nowadays many various types of glass are available, which gives us unlimited possibilities for its usage.

Co-operation with different glass manufacturers, and procurement of different types, dimensions, and thicknesses of glass allows us to satisfy the boundless needs of every customer.

Glass -

Float glass


As the most basic type of glass in existence, float glass is the starting material used in processing to make laminated, tempered and reflective glass. It comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and is used in the glass cutting process so, that it can be cut to the exact size required for the application. It is named after the floating manufacturing process.

Extra clear

It is a glass that has an extremely clear transparency (contains less than <200 ppm Fe203 iron oxide), which results in a reduction in the green colour of standard float glass.


It is tinted float glass without reflective quality. It is produced in grey, blue, green, and bronze.

Coated glass

Reflective (Stopsol) glass

Glass with a reflective layer to protect against the passage of solar energy into the room. It is produced in light, bronze, gray and green colours. The Supersilver version is a new generation of stopsol glass with a more crystalline shine.

Low-emissivity (LOW-E) glass

Glass with a thin metallic coating that improves thermal insulation. The coating reflects heat and thus reduces heat loss through the glass.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is classified as safety glass. It is made of two or more layers of glass and a protective film that ensures safety and protection.

Etched glass (clear, extra clear, decorative)

During production, the glass is subjected to a special chemical treatment using a chemical solution. Such processing gives the glass a ‘milky appearance’. Due to its aesthetics, it is often used as a form of decoration that offers privacy while letting light through.

Mirrors (clear, coloured)

The mirror is float glass, which has a metal coating applied on one side with a protective layer for a mirror effect.

ORNAMENTS (sand, cathedral, chinchilla, sylvite, delta, mastercarre, wire glass)

Glass with a pattern printed on the surface on one side of the glass. Several stylish samples are available in different dimensions and thicknesses, including sandblasted and wire glass.

Kopelit (U-glass)

U-glass is used for glazing large areas and industrial buildings. The glass can be installed on one side or on both sides.

Anti-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass is often used for picture frame glass. It is very fine and has high transparency. In this way, the light, colour, and contrast of the images are preserved.


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